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How to Use Dry Herb Vaporizers?

A dry herb vaporizer or simply a weed vaporizer is a smoking device that is used to vaporize dried medicinal herbs, tobacco, or any other legal herb form into a fine mist.

This provides you the same benefits of enjoying dried herbs without inhaling toxic smoke. However, some people don’t realize how to use a dry herb vaporizer.

In this article we are going to explain how to use a dry herb vaporizer the right way.

how to use dry herb vaporizer



First we are going to look at how to light a dry herb vaporizer. When you first purchase your weed vaporizer you should find the instructional manual and fill the system with the herbs you want to use.

Some brands of vaporizers have the herbs pre-loaded, which makes the process of loading the machine a lot easier. Simply add the herbs to the mouthpiece and screw on the mouthpiece tightly. Most vaporizers have a safety indicator located on the bottom of the unit which will stop your herbs from burning.


Next, you need to load your herbs into the mouthpiece.


Most vaporizers have a bottom heating chamber where you load the herbs and place them in the mouthpiece. If your mouthpiece doesn’t have a heating chamber, then insert your finger into the mouthpiece and push air down through the tube. Once you feel air moving, you can load your herbs into the mouthpiece.


After your herbs are loaded into the chamber, you need to make sure you clean out the mouthpiece. The cleaning process is very simple. You just need to remove the mouthpiece and clean the inside of the chamber with a q-tip or tissue to remove any excess oil or water. Replace the mouthpiece back onto your vaporizer and you are ready to start using it.


Now, we will focus on the second part of the question, how to use the weed vaporizer?

In order to get maximum flavor from your weed vaporizer, you should always have fresh herbs on hand. For the most flavorful experience, you should have a glass jar with some fresh herbs in it. When you glass jar gets dirty, simply take some of the herbs out of the jar and place them into the vaporizer.



Then, you should fill the mouthpiece with hot air. If you use the right amount of water, the herbs will condense into mist and float away into the bowl of the vaporizer. As the temperature of the heating chamber rises, you should take the air out of the heating chamber and place it into your vaporizer’s hopper. This will allow you to have more control over the airflow of your dry herbs.

You can now put your fingers close together over the mouthpiece and inhale the steam inhalation.

As your herbs reach the boiling point, you should take a deep breath, and the oils will escape into your lungs.

The combination of the heat from the heating chamber and the steam inhalation will create a very potent herbic experience!


Learning how to use dry herb vaporizers is not difficult.

If you want to maximize your experience, keep fresh herbs on hand. Also, if you want a really potent herb experience, consider purchasing one of the many portable vapes that are available on the market today. These vaporizers are easier to use than ever before and provide an excellent high for the times you choose to medicate without the mess of a full blown vaporizer.

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