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Dab rig Vs Dab pen

Have you ever sat and wondered what the difference is between a dab pen and a dab rig? Well sit back and read on because you are about to find out. Dab rigs are glass setups that someone can smoke wax concentrates from. It is like a glass bong but for wax.

The anatomy of a dab rig:

  • A chamber for the water
  • A mouthpiece
  • A bowl for the wax so that heat can be applied to it.

The process

You will first need a heat source like a blow torch that can superheat a domeless nail that was used to apply the wax to and then you can vaporize it. You can use a dabbing tool to avoid a sticky situation.

What is a dab pen?

Dab rig Vs Dab pen

Dab rig Vs Dab pen

This is a vaporizer that you load with wax. It does everything that a dab rig does but in a different manner and format.

The anatomy of a dab pen:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Battery
  • Heating chamber


The function of the battery is to be the new heat source by charging electrically and then heating the coils that are within the heating chamber.

The coils interact with the wax and then vaporizes it. The exciting thing is that dab pens come in different shapes and sizes and have a variety of features.



It is more portable than even the smallest dab rig. The dab rig also needs bigger equipment for it to operate than the dab pen.


More discreet

A dab pen is much more discreet than a dab rig. Why? Because there is no blowtorch needed or smoke. And the other thing that makes the dab pen more discreet is its portability.


Similarities of dab rig and dab pen

  1. Both are used for wax concentrates
  2. Both are reusable, so you don’t have to dispose of them after a use
  3. Both come in a variety of forms with different features
  4. They are both available at different price ranges so that there are options for everyone
Dab rig Vs Dab pen

Dab rig Vs Dab pen

What should I buy, A dab pen, or a dab rig?

This is all up to what you prefer. Do you want something that is more discreet and portable or something that has more power? Or do you just want something that is easy to operate? Whatever you prefer there is an option available for everyone out there.


Here are some tips to make your decision:

  • Are you going to use it on the go or at home?
  • Is power more important to you?
  • How committed are you to wax?


It all comes down to what your preference is because if power is more important to you then  the dab rig will be ideal for you and if you are looking for something more portable and discreet the dab pen will be your best option.


What do you prefer a dab rig or a dab pen? And why? Let us know.

wax vaporizer

How To Load Your Vaporizer With Wax

How To Load Your Vaporizer With Wax

vape pen

The Vape Pen is a great tool to use if you are trying to learn how to load your own Vape Pen with Wax.

I don’t recommend using any other brand of wax for your pen, as you will experience a lot more mess and damage if you do. Most people don’t care about their equipment and think that it is a cheap device to replace when something goes wrong, but trust me when I have been in your shoes you want to protect your investment. So how do you load your own Vape Pen with Wax?


You must have seen pictures of a person loading their own Vape Pen with Wax.

Vape Pen with Wax

how to use a vape pen


The first step is to use a small amount of safe and nontoxic wax. Make sure that the wax has been approved by your local health department before proceeding. If you can find one that is made specifically for your type of electronic device, then go for it! This small amount will provide enough heat to melt the wax and unclog your airflow system. It is important to remember to only heat the small amount of wax.


Once the coil is heated up, grab your load tool and load it up into the coil.


dyi vape juice

The load tool should look similar to a hook (it probably does). Once loaded into the coil, you should see a small amount of black smoke start to emit from the coil. If there is no black smoke coming from the coil, something may be wrong. Check to see if there is a small amount of melted wax in the coil and if not, the load tool may need to be adjusted.


If your coil is clean, and the black smoke still does not appear, then your coil is too dirty or damaged to use. Cleaning your coil does not include burning the wick. Just switch it off and allow it to cool down for a couple of hours or even overnight. After it has cooled down, you can then proceed to use the pressurized air supply.


Using the pressurized air supply to load your vaporizer is pretty simple.

Simply place your pen in the coil and start clicking and whirring away. When the coil begins to catch air, you know your coil is clean. You can then load more wick into the coil and continue clicking and whirring away.


If you find that your coil is too dirty, then you may have to remove some of the wick. Use a screwdriver to pry out a small amount of dirt, and then insert the end of the wick again into the coil. Repeat this process until your coil is free of dust and anything else that may impede your ability to use the device. You don’t want to damage your machine, so take your time with this step.


In conclusion, this article was designed to help you understand how to load your vaporizer with WAX. If you follow the tips here, you will find that your pen will be more reliable when properly warmed up. Also, you will find that loading and enjoying your pen will be much more enjoyable. So now that you know how, just go ahead and try it out.