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An herb grinder is an essential tool for the modern stoner who can grind his flowers to either roll them, grab a bong, load a hand pipe, or anything in between. Herb mills are often made up of several parts and contain multiple chambers and work by crushing and cutting your herb into smaller pieces. Choosing a good grinder will save you the tedious and sticky process of hand-picking herbs.


Grinders not only make your life easier; they also give you more momentum for your buds.

The best herb grinder should give you a smooth grind, meaning it systematically and constantly cuts your weeds into small, even pieces. The most common type of sanding is the multi-piece sander, which uses multiple pieces that are joined together to create an area for sanding and storage.



Well, it’s a tiny device that makes a cannabis user’s life many times more convenient. Basically, it chops up your herb efficiently and creates (or at least it should) create an even grind. Of course, not all grinders are created equal. Some are manual while others are electric.

Some are duds while others charge you top pounds. The list goes on. So, if you have a really good weed killer (read this: the best) on the market then you should know exactly what to look for. The guide listed here will give you an in-depth look at the characteristics of the best grinders so you can be sure of getting the most out of your bud at all times.


Types of herb grinders

Herbal mills can have two, three, four parts depending on your preferred style. Consumers can choose between a 2-part grinder, 3-part grinder and 4-part grinder.

2-part meat grinder

A 2-part grinder only has one compartment for herbs. It can grind and store your cannabis. Since it is relatively cheaper than regular grinders, users have complained that it produces inconsistent sizes of herbs. People on a budget should preferably get this grinder as it offers convenience at a lower price.

3-part grinder

A 3-part grinder has two compartments for herbs. The connection between the two compartments is made possible by holes in the lower part of the top layer that lead into the second compartment.

The holes can only accommodate certain sizes of herbs, so that the first chamber has a larger surface. In contrast to the two-part version, consumers can look forward to evenly ground herbs from the three-part grinder. Users can also easily take their herbs from the second compartment.

4-part grinder

A 4-part grinder has three compartments for herbs. The third and second layers are connected by a single mesh screen. The third compartment, also known as the pollen catcher, is for storing kief. The pollen catcher can store all the fine particles that fall from the 2-part and 3-part chambers. Four-part grinders can grind all types of herbs including cannabis.

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Electric grinders are extremely handy as they do all the hard work for you. The biggest downside is that they have to be powered somehow. If the grinder is not operated with batteries or accumulators, you will need a power outlet. Also, electric grinders tend to overdo it and may pulverize your weed.

Because of these drawbacks, electric models are not that popular among consumers. Unless you need to grind a large amount of buds as fast as possible, you might be better off using a manual grinder.


How do you clean weed grinder?

You’d think there’s nothing wrong with cleaning an herb grinder. You are very wrong. It’s in the nature of the animal that things can get pretty sticky, and pretty quickly. In this way you can ensure that your herb grinder is always up to date and smells of roses.

Empty the grinder completely (preferably on a sheet of paper if it contains everything you need at this point).

Put all of the pieces in the freezer. The cold solidifies the residue and makes it easier to dissolve.

Use a small toothbrush to clean the inside of the compartment as well as the braid. Be careful not to scrub too vigorously or you could damage the fabric.

Use a toothpick to remove the clumped debris from those little nooks and crannies.

If the grinder is still not clean enough, soak it in boiling water for 10 minutes (only if the grinder is made entirely of metal, of course). Repeat the process with the toothbrush.

If all else fails, try some rubbing alcohol. Use a soaked Q-tip to clean the teeth and the inside of the compartments.

Rinse and wipe the pieces off. Let them sit on a paper towel until completely dry.

Buying guide for the best herb grinder

Before making a final decision, review this list of key points:

  1. Material

When we talk about the materials of the grinder, we are talking about the exterior or the actual body. This does not include the teeth. We’ll discuss that later. For the body of the grinder, here are the most common materials that you can find on the market.

Wood: This type of herb grinder is difficult to mass-produce, which explains why it’s an expensive choice. It is made by hand. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to find. This is a great choice if you prefer organic materials. Most wood grinders only have a single compartment, however.

Metal: When it comes to metal grinders, there are two common materials – aluminum and titanium. Aluminum is the more popular choice, which is often titanium coated. You may have read some claims that aluminum grinders are unsafe. The truth is that they are safe and you don’t have to worry.

Acrylic: Of the materials used in a weed killer, this is the cheapest. However, it is also the least durable. They can decompose easily compared to the two materials mentioned above.

  1. size

A large herb grinder is best because you can store large amounts of ground herbs. However, size has a huge impact on portability. If you plan to use the herb on the go, consider buying a small grinder, while if you are going to be using the herb primarily at home, consider buying a large grinder. In addition, if you are going to use the herb for medicinal purposes, buy a large meat grinder that has a cheap capacity.

  1. Kief catchers

If you are going to buy a grinder out there, it would be wise to buy one that has kief catching capabilities. Look out for a four-chamber grinder because it is always of the best quality. That way, you can be sure that she has this trait as it is usually the first from the bottom. This property is important because it allows you to collect the soft powder known as kief. The powder is high in THC, which when you add cannabis to it, gives you an extra kick.

  1. Magnetic lid

Most herb grinders come with a magnetic lid that helps keep the grinder airtight so your herbs stay fresh and odor-free. With an herb grinder with an airtight lid, you can be sure nothing will spill. Using an herb like marijuana will keep your privacy safe as the smell won’t come out. Most grinders with magnetic lids are a bit expensive, however. In fact, this point is heavily considered when buying a grinder.

  1. Storage container

Another feature to look out for is the memory capabilities of the grinder. This is important because you don’t have to buy a separate storage container for your cannabis. Make sure that the lid is also magnetic as it is airtight so that no odor can escape from the grinder and your privacy is preserved. Plus, a grinder with an annual limited warranty will be a huge asset to your decision, and you won’t have to worry.


Benefit of using grinder

benefits of using a grinder

Quite simply, if you use the grinder to grind your weed before smoking or vaping, it will be much easier to use. You will also find that this makes it easier to transport and more pleasant to consume.

Crushed grass tends to be less scratchy because it is much more uniform in consistency. Unlike whole buds, the shape of which can affect the nature of the smoke, shredded weed burns cleanly and evenly. In terms of joint building, this means you can roll firm, perfect joints that burn effectively. In a bong you can use ground weed to create a flood head or heads that just keep burning and avoid unpredictable draws.

In addition, grinding your weed will not come into contact with your hands as often. This protects the trichomes and the valuable cannabinoids they contain from damage. Using a grinder will maintain the quality and potency of your buds. Instead of losing trichomes, they are collected in a quality grinder for use at a later date.


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