Dabbing in a dab rig

Benefits of dabbing

Hand-rolled cigarettes, water pipes, empty cigars, and edible goods have all been common methods of marijuana use in the traditional sense. Dabbing, on the other hand, is a novel method of administering marijuana that has arisen. Because there have been certain myths and misunderstandings regarding dabbing, it is crucial to understand the facts, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using wax. Whether you are just inquisitive about dabbing or are interested in its use in medical administration, the following are the fundamentals of what dabbing is.


The Fundamentals of Dabbing

Clear Cannabis wax pen

Clear Cannabis wax pen

It is customary in the cannabis industry to dab, which is to ingest highly concentrated marijuana in a vaporized form made from cannabis oil, which is a waxy oil derived from marijuana plants using butane. When users inhale the vapors from this concentrated version of marijuana, they experience greater and more rapid effects from the drug.

A blowtorch, also known as a nail, is used to preheat the surface. It is often constructed of glass or titanium alloys and is used to heat the surface. As soon as the nail has been heated, users should dab the concentrated wax over the surface and inhale the rising vapor.

Vaping or using an e-cigarette is another behavior that is like dabbing that includes placing hash oil in a vape device. To smoke the dab, users may also utilize water pipes that have been modified. Find out how to smoke shatter here.


Dabbing Facts and Figures

A research on the issue was co-authored by John Stogner, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte who also co-authored a paper on the subject. “We have seen an emergence of dabs over the past three years,” said Stogner. “At a bare minimum, dabs are four times as potent as a joint, and the high is delivered all at once,” he said.

Most marijuana joints include around 15 percent THC, however most hash oils contain 60 to 90 percent THC, depending on the strain. In November 2014, the Los Angeles Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recorded 49 explosions that were associated with marijuana administration procedures such as dabbing and vaporizing.


Advantages of Doing Dab

Vape Dabbing

Vape Dabbing

Those who advocate for dabbing point to the process’s speedy effects as well as the pure, highly concentrated final product it produces. It is believed that dabbing lowers the risk of lung damage linked with conventional smoking.

Additionally, dabbing may be an effective method of giving pain treatment and medicinal alleviation for major chronic medical disorders. While many ways of dabbing do not produce an odor associated with cannabis (like vaping), others, such as smoking, do; this odorless outcome is advantageous for users who place a premium on secrecy.


Cons of Using Dabs

If the oil used in dabbing is not made to the highest possible standards, it may include excessive quantities of butane, which may be harmful to the user. Some individuals are allergic to butane and other chemicals included in hash oil, and they should avoid using it. Others report experiencing negative effects such as fast heartbeat, loss of consciousness, tingling skin sensations, paranoia, and hallucinations because of their dabbing.

Dabbing is often considered to be a more costly method of consuming marijuana since users must make expenditures in equipment such as a blowtorch, heating element, and other accessories, as well as the premium oil product. The practice of dabbing is not suggested for those who want a high CBD product since most of the ‘wax’ products used in the procedure are strong in THC.


The Process of Making Shatter, Wax, and Dabs


Produces pour butane over marijuana to isolate the THC from the plant and dissolve it into the butane, which is then used to create a dab. Then, after pressing the THC solution through a filter and placing it on a plate, users must consume it. The resultant product is thick and sticky, and it contains a significant amount of THC. The sticky oils are referred to as wax, shatter, and budder, among other terms. After the THC has been extracted, the concentrate must be filtered to remove any remaining solvents.


Carbon dioxide

Dabs may also be manufactured using extraction processes that use carbon dioxide and cold water as alternatives to traditional procedures. Carbon dioxide, for example, may be utilized as a solvent in lieu of butane in certain situations. Experts have shown that using carbon dioxide to manufacture dabs, shatter, and wax is far healthier than using other methods. Similarly, ice-water extraction is far safer and healthier than using butane to manufacture dabs, even though it is less frequent.



Potential Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana Dabbing



It has the potential to give rapid relief for medical marijuana users who are suffering from chronic pain and other severe diseases, according to several studies. Compared to other types of consumption, other forms of consumption take longer to have an impact on the human body.

People who are worried about the consequences of dabbing often mention the genuine danger of overdosing on marijuana, getting addicted to marijuana, and having severe withdrawal symptoms as their reason for being concerned. These concerns, on the other hand, are less of a source of worry for medicinal marijuana users.

In most cases, medicinal marijuana is administered in precise amounts by an experienced medical specialist, reducing the likelihood of overdose and addiction. Wax may be extracted in a pure form and with a decreased danger of undesired additions if it is monitored and supplied by a medical professional.


Consequences of Using Medical Marijuana in a Dabbing Form

Medical marijuana dabbing, on the other hand, has the potential to cause some undesirable side effects in certain people. One concern is the process of developing a tolerance for the components. Because of the high concentration of THC in a dab, a user’s body will develop used to that dose of THC and will want it again to experience the same degree of relief. As a result, it has been advised that dabbing should not be utilized for persons who use cannabis on a regular basis but just sometimes. Furthermore, since the high amounts of THC are administered fast, it is simpler for users to overconsume THC while dabbing than when smoking.



I hope this article was clarifying about the benefits of wax. Enjoy!