Dab, wax or shatter

What is Vape Dabbing?

Vape dabbing is a relatively new way of taking cannabis, which uses an electronic device to heat up the concentrated form of THC called marijuana oil. This leads to a much stronger psychoactive effect than smoking does and has become especially popular among people who don’t want to smoke themselves out.

What is dabbing?

vaporizer pen for wax

A traditional marijuana dab usually involves dropping the concentrated form of THC onto thin metal or quartz and inhaling it through a pipe or vape pen (hence the “vape” in vape dab), but as technology advances so do its techniques.

In a nutshell, dabbing is the process of heating cannabis concentrates such as THC oils or waxes to very high temperatures (400-500°F+), which causes the active ingredients to evaporate into a vapor state. The high levels of THC vapor can then be inhaled by a user through their mouth or nose.

The practice of vaporizing cannabis concentrates has become very popular in recent years, as many weed enthusiasts have been drawn to the more potent effects of this new method. It allows for higher THC concentrations when compared with dry herb, meaning they can get much higher with less product.

Dabbing is a relatively new phenomenon, and there are currently no scientific ways of quantifying its exact effects on users. It gained popularity in the early 2000s and has only been around for about ten years now. The process has caused some controversy over the years, as it was originally criticized for being dangerous.

However, research has since shown that vaporizing cannabis actual does seem to be safer than smoking. There is also new technology that can measure the amount of THC you’re getting from dabbing—but this method isn’t widely available yet.

Some of the standard equipment you’ll need for dabbing are a dab rig—a piece of glass or quartz with a nail or metal end that you can attach to your mouthpiece (hence the vaporization part). These are especially fun if you like the process of dabbing and want it to be as interactive as possible. A bong is another great way to use vaporization, but it’s harder to regulate the temperature and concentration levels.


What are Vapes?



Vapes are the popular devices that can be used for vaporizing. They come in all shapes and sizes, with more and more products being developed every day. In the near future, there will likely be a “gold standard” for vapes that will satisfy most people’s needs, but right now you can choose from various options.

The first ones to basically hit the market were smaller devices such as e-cigarettes or cig-a-likes (which function similarly to vapes). These tended to be made by smaller companies who had a budget but were still trying out the new technology involving cannabis dabbing.

Then there were the larger devices that work by heating up small amounts of marijuana oil at a time (as opposed to more traditional vapes, which are often used for smoking bud). These larger vaporizers had a lot more to offer in terms of features, but they tended to be difficult to carry around on a day-to-day basis.

The most recent development in cannabis dabbing is vape pens. These are basically smaller and handier versions of the two types listed above, and usually come with more powerful batteries (which last longer and provide more power overall).

These products have really taken off in recent years and have become increasingly popular amongst weed enthusiasts who want to get higher without smoking cannabis. There’s a lot of variety in terms of the devices themselves—there are even some that can be used for both dry herb and oil concentrates.

So, it’s always important to read reviews about any device you want to buy in order to find out what kind of experience it offers you, and particularly how easy it is to use. All vapes offer different types of temperature controls, and this will affect the overall quality of your vaporizing sessions.


What are Wax Oils for Vape?

Vape Dabbing wax

Vape Dabbing wax

Wax oils for vape are a type of concentrated THC oil that can be used to get high in a variety of ways. You can load your vaporizer with the oil, which will give you a higher concentration of THC than with other methods. Some people also like to use wax oils as an ingredient in recipes they make themselves.

THC is one of the main active ingredients in cannabis, and it’s responsible for all the psychoactive effects that weed has on users (and many claim it’s also the compound behind its medicinal properties). Wax oils are often made by extracting THC from marijuana using CO2, which is what makes them so potent.

The name is a bit confusing, as it comes from the combination of wax and oil. Cannabis concentrates such as wax and oil are usually made through a process where the plant material is melted with an active solvent (usually butane or hexane). These are then filtered into a solution that’s usually 99% pure THC.

It’s important to note that these products are not intended for smokers who want to recreationally use THC, but instead those who want to get some medical value out of it. Most strains contain between 5-15% of the psychoactive compound, which makes it much easier for people to consume in more concentrated forms (such as wax or oil).


Facts About Vapes for Weed

vape for dry weed

vape for dry weed

Let’s take a look at some of the facts surrounding weed vapes. Although dabbing has been around for about ten years now, there are still relatively few studies that have been conducted on the effects of vaping compared with smoking cannabis. These studies are all currently using older methods, but they can still provide some insight into how vaporizing works.

Vaporization is generally seen to be much healthier than smoking, and it has also been shown to reduce lung irritation. There are also fewer toxins in vape smoke and thus less chance of developing respiratory problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which you can develop from breathing in second-hand smoke. One study also found that the vaporizers caused less damage to users’ DNA, so it’s possible that you could actually be given a longer lifespan than a smoker.

Another thing to consider is the manufacturing process and mass production of vapes. There have been claims from industry experts stating that there are as many as 300 different types of vapes on the market (the majority of which use butane as a solvent), which means there are just too many variables when it comes to consistency. This makes it difficult to say for certain how safe these devices are, and if you want one with some credibility behind it, you might have to shop around for reviews online.